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BLOG: First look - Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback

Our Infinity Team Manager Daniel Farrow took delivery of his new Electric Company Car last week, the new Audi Q4 E-Tron – and he’s in love, here’s what he had to say.

I had a Diesel E Class Saloon, which I quickly swapped to the Tesla Model 3 to take advantage of the low BIK for company car drivers - and this tops both of them. The Q4 e-tron is Audi's rival for the Mercedes EQA, Volvo XC40 Recharge and BMW iX3. It's a Q5 cabin sized electric vehicle that has five seats and a boot that can cope with kids bikes, suitcases and more!

Straight away from the sharp design on the exterior makes this a very attractive car and already turns heads whilst driving, although that may be down to the sound it emits at low speeds. It's a very good idea by Audi, at speeds of 15mph and below the vehicle has a sound to it. It's almost like the noise you'd expect a spaceship to make, but it should stop pedestrians and cyclists from near misses or worse, in car parks or on the road. This is something our New Business director discussed in our previous blog.

This Launch Edition has a wealth of specification from head up display to simple things such as Automatic Tailgate Release.

The main reason I chose this car over another Tesla Model 3 is that I have two small (but quickly growing) children and I felt the Q4 e-tron would be more spacious and have more room in the back for the two of them and I was right. 

The clever design means that the interior cabin is very spacious from headroom to leg room. The kids have ample room in the back, and I am 6"2 – and I like to drive with my seat far back to allow my legs to be comfortable, but this still leaves plenty of room in the rear. Also, the rear doors are quite high so when I am putting the kids into their seats, there are no issues at all, not even with my big head!

As this is a new car the vehicle range is still a bit erratic, but worry not, this is a common thing with the Q4 e-tron, as it takes 3/400 miles for the Premium Electric Vehicle to work out your driving style, and once the car can calculate this, I expect the range to grow nearer to its WLTP range of 318 miles.

The vehicle's technology is very easy to use, with a touchscreen that is tilted slightly towards the driver which means that you can change things without taking your eyes off the road, the head up display helps with this as well. Audi makes some great cars, with great interiors, but even among them, the Q4 e-tron feels right at the top of Audi's game.

Q4 E tron interior

This vehicle is not as quick off the mark as the Tesla Model 3 (which does 0-60 in an impressive 4 seconds) but I really don't miss, or need this.  This electric vehicle provides a perfect way to make the school run, or take the kids out at the weekend, because it's at its best in heavy traffic, where the refinement, efficiency and ride comfort all shine through.
The drive quality on this is second to none and you hardly feel any bumps. How it drives is amazing! Very comfortable seats with the sports look and they hold you in. 

Overall, I am extremely happy with this car. I have not even had it a week and I can't stop smiling when I walk out and get behind the wheel of it.

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