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Soaring Popularity of Electric Vehicles for Fleet Managers and Buyers


14/01/2021 | BLOG

Modern Car Security: Limp Home Mode

This is a modern feature design, intended to get you home when a car runs out of charge. Named limp home mode, as a comic play on a wobbly walk home. This allows you to drive to a near safe destination aka: the next safe area- before totally losing power.

13/01/2021 | BLOG

Polestar and Hypercars to be Excited About in 2021

2020 was a difficult, but the Auto Industry drives on.

12/01/2021 | BLOG

Thinking of Switching? EV Drivers Top Tips

They are different to fuel cars- not just the tech, but the etiquette around electric charging is essential for drivers to know.

11/01/2021 | BLOG

Cities Are Preparing for Clean Air Zones: Birmingham & Counting

The emergence of Clean Air Zones, for the first shiny time in 2021.

07/01/2021 | BLOG

A Green Revolution on the Road

With the green plate’s revolution on UK roads aiming to significantly drop the emissions breathed out by petrol and diesel vehicles, now is the time to invest in an electric automobile.

07/01/2021 | BLOG

From XLCR, to You- The Electric Winter Vehicle

An electric car, particularly a Tesla: is designed to combat icy weather. Find out how to use it.

06/01/2021 | BLOG

Covid-19 and Motorists Essentials

The Coronavirus affects the Car industry & Motorists. Here are the Essentials:

04/01/2021 | BLOG

Storing your vehicle

If your car or van is going to be out of use during the coronavirus lockdown, here's what you need to do.

08/04/2020 | BLOG

The Science of Searching for an Automotive

A guide for buyers and searchers on what to think about, what you need, and everything vital they need to know about seeking out an Automotive.

18/03/2020 | BLOG

Electric Vehicles - What's the deal?

Since Electric Vehicles are becoming a more common sight across the UK, we thought we would give you a low-down on how an Electric Vehicle could benefit your company and your drivers.

11/02/2020 | BLOG

UK Councils collect £42m from bus lane fines

Local authorities handed out 888,760 bus lane penalties in 2017, with one road alone generating £1.4million in fines

14/11/2018 | NEWS

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