Information on the global semiconductor supply issues

Use of hand-held phone while driving laws updated

Police will soon be able to more easily prosecute drivers using a hand-held mobile phone at the wheel as the Government strengthens existing laws to further improve road safety.

25/11/2021 | NEWS

How forecourts will look in the future

Here's how new charging hubs for electric cars will look on the M60.

25/10/2021 | NEWS begins public trial of wireless EV Chargers

Think of how you charge your phone on a charging pad, with no aggro and more importantly, no dodgy cables. Well this technology is coming to cars, and it isn't as far away as you think.

06/10/2021 | NEWS

UK new car sales stagnate in September but electric cars surge

Electric cars increased their market share across the UK, seeing 33,000 vehicles registered in September, but semiconductor shortage means another slow month on the whole for new vehicle registrations.

06/10/2021 | NEWS

First look - Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback

Our Infinity Team Manager Daniel Farrow took delivery of his new Electric Company Car last week, the new Audi Q4 E-Tron – and he’s in love, here’s what he had to say.

05/10/2021 | BLOG

Driving an Electric Vehicle

Our New Business Director gives his insight & thoughts on driving an electric vehicle.

24/09/2021 | BLOG

10K Annual Capacity for Tesla Supercharger V3 Factory

It would be smart to foresee an explosion of the Tesla Supercharger Network

09/09/2021 | News

Swappable EV Battery Inland Ship Launched

Swappable EV batteries. It’s not just cars.

08/09/2021 | Blog

First Fossil-Free Steel Delivered to Volvo

Delivering to their first customer in loyalty the Volvo Group, the update represents the latest development stage concerning the Hybrit.

02/09/2021 | Blog

The Economy is Sparking Up

Slow economies can be sparked up again.

26/08/2021 | News

What’s the Problem? Recent EV News

A ride untroubled by chargers, money is saved, every EV owner says the same thing.

24/08/2021 | Blog

Oxford First DPD Electric City

There is a first for everything. Oxford known for its mix of ancient, modern and culture proves itself once again.

02/08/2021 | Blog

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