Birmingham Launch Clean Air Zone

Zone soft launched into action.

15/06/2021 | News

Semiconductor Scene May Improve with New Bosch Factory

The current crisis could be improved after Bosch opens fresh factory to make more of the demanded chips.

14/06/2021 | News

The Tesla Model 3 Recommendation

How much range I really get and is it really viable in day to day life?

07/06/2021 | Blog

Update on the Chip Shortage

The shortage will taper off as soon as supply and demand balance out once again.

03/06/2021 | News

Nissan EV Battery Gigafactory for Sunderland

Nissan is requesting substantial funds for a Sunderland based, electric car battery gigafactory.

01/06/2021 | News

Electric UK Car Insurance Substantially Less than Petrol + Diesel

Insuring EVs is cheaper than Combustion in the UK

27/05/2021 | News

UK Most Powerful Charging Hub Set to go Live in Oxford

The most powerful charging station is set to go live this winter, Oxford sited at Redbridge Park & Ride.

26/05/2021 | News

Potential Powerpaste could Act as Additional Fuel

Innovators, engineers, are looking to seek other methods, other sources of fuel for vehicles.

24/05/2021 | News

Britain’s Electric Car Charging Network Set to Receive 300m Top Up

3,550 fresh ultra-rapid charge points in Britain, planned for new infrastructure by Ofgem.

24/05/2021 | News

Lamborghini Release All Electric Car Preview

Lamborghini have come to the stand that a package can indeed be created, for a supercar, in the electric form.

20/05/2021 | News

Diving into Driver Assisting Technology: Self Driving- Is it Wanted?

Driver assisting technology is becoming verified.

18/05/2021 | News

Curved Barriers Could Improve Urban Air

Building barriers with a curve design instead. So simple. Working to hit the pollution backwards. Protecting people close by instead.

17/05/2021 | News

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