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News: 10K Annual Capacity for Tesla Supercharger V3 Factory

It would be smart to foresee an explosion of the Tesla Supercharger Network

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Supercharger V3 factory for Tesla, situated in Shanghai has been operational, finished in building, since 2021 August. This huge space, able to create 10,000 supercharger Vs stalls a year, can potentially play a key part in the swift expansion of the business's rapid charging network itself.



With this equipment, the array of Tesla superchargers will be hugely faster than any time before. Super beneficial for the business, Musk made a note that Tesla would be allowing its charge to be accessible for non -Tesla EVs' too, towards the close of this year.


Where the Factory Comes In

Now this, is where the Supercharger V3 factory plays its part in China. The company Tesla functions around 25,000 superchargers set out around the world. This may appear small, but it is not. Think of the status of their network compared to others, and as one- ranging and trustworthy to use as charging systems as Tesla's- for electric mobility. Using this space for an addition of 10,000 more per annum could be a huge advantage.


The factory output is high. Tesla has the potential to replicate that charger number in a matter of years, and not many at that.


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