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"We are the best-value-for-money contract hire and leasing company in the country."

Being the best value for money means that when combining price and first-class customer service, you are left with a company that will do exactly what it says and will never let you down. We're driven by our customers and we never forget how important they are to us.

The team behind XLCR Vehicle Management have years of experience in the car leasing and contract hire industry and are trained to provide the highest standards of customer service. We receive the biggest discounts on new and used cars and vans, and this combined with our approved-agent status for many major national banks & finance houses guarantees that we can provide you with the best deal on the market today.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best deal available and we do this by:

  • keeping our overheads low;
  • establishing good relationships with manufacturers
  • buying our stock carefully from over 200 carefully chosen suppliers;

... and then we pass the saving we make onto our customers.

Only choose BVRLA members and FCA-approved dealers for your vehicles, finance and insurance

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for general insurance business. Our FCA firm reference number is 315268.
We are permitted by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out consumer credit activities. Our FCA Consumer Credit Register number is 483753.
BVRLA Logo We are an intermediary member of the BVRLA. Our membership number is 862.
Data Protection Logo We are registered with the ICO as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act. Our registered number is Z6019161.

New home for XLCR

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Posted by: lee.duerden@thebestcardeals.co.uk, on 10 May 2004, in category "Company News & Press Releases"

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Summary: Rapidly outgrowing our previous premises, and as part of our ongoing expansion and business development plan, XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd is proud to announce its relocation to new premises…

XLCR House Staff at work Staff at work XLCR Reception Staff at work Staff at work Staff at work Staff at work

Rapidly outgrowing our previous head office premises, and as part of our ongoing expansion and business development plan, XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd is proud to announce its relocation to new premises.

The building, formerly occupied by Royal Mail as a general post office, sorting office and telephone exchange was purchased by us in 2004 and quickly underwent a major internal renovation to accommodate our business, making good use of the four floors and the extensive garaging and storage areas.

Following our move and as part of our continuing expansion programme, we have been able to build on some of our existing ideas and we now have:

  • A larger customer contact centre staffed with a team of dedicated new business advisers who are trained to the highest levels, specialising in different areas, which means that when making an enquiry, you'll speak to someone who knows and understands your requirements whether it's a small car or a 7.5 tonne truck, we’ll be able to help;
  • Dedicated customer services representatives who ensure that from your initial enquiry, through to delivery and beyond, you'll always receive our best levels of service;
  • New computer software and technology making sure we search out the best deal on the market today tailored to your exact requirements;
  • A state of the art staff training centre, to ensure our advisers are fully up to date with the latest developments in the industry as they come along, from finance companies, manufacturers and the Inland Revenue.

Our new address is:
XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd
XLCR House
35 - 43 Albert Road

The move also saw the introduction of our new freephone number, 08000 833 711 which customers new & old can now use to be directed efficiently and quickly via a computerised attendant system.

At the opening of the new building in May 2004, our Chief Executive, Lee Duerden said, "This event marks another exciting time in the history of the business. It's only three years ago that we moved from our original home at New Road Garage and to be moving again so soon into premises over twenty times bigger, is a remarkable and outstanding achievement. Our success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our people, who all know and appreciate that the most important person in our business is our customer. Our new premises boast state-of-the-art technology along with the extended facilities and the space that we need to continue our rapid expansion, and they give us the platform we need to continue serving our customers well as the company continues to grow."


Ferrari for charity!

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Posted by: lee.duerden@thebestcardeals.co.uk, on 27 September 2008, in category "Fleet News"

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Summary: Colne-based company XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd has generously obliged to loan one of their Ferrari 360 Modena sports cars as a prize in a charity auction.

Colne-based company XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd has generously obliged to loan one of their Ferrari 360 Modena sports cars as a prize in an upcoming charity auction to be held later this month.
The charity event, organised by the White Rose Ladies Club, is to take place on 18 November with a Charity Fashion & Floral Black Tie Christmas Extravaganza at the prestigious Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton. Attending the event will be many local businesses and supporters of the ladies club, along with TV celebrity florist Carl Wilde, who will all enjoy a stunning fashion show staged by Rackhams of Skipton along with a fabulous three-course dinner and dancing. The event supports Cancer Research with a particular focus on research in to children's cancers. In the past seven years over £350,000 has been raised by this group to support this cause.
As soon as Colne businessman and XLCR director Shaun O’Neill heard about the event, he couldn’t wait to offer his support, donating the £100,000 sports car for a day as an auction prize. Commenting on the generous gift he said, "I sincerely hope people dig deep into their pockets and bid hard to win this prize. It will be a rare opportunity for whoever has the winning bid and we hope this will help raise a lot of money for this worthwhile cause."
The multi-million-pound car and van leasing giant XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd, who operate out of prestigious offices on Albert Road in Colne, are no strangers when it comes to supporting many charities and local events and dedicate tens of thousands every year to worthwhile causes.
XLCR are industry's finest!

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Posted by: lee.duerden@thebestcardeals.co.uk, on 01 June 2005, in category "Company News & Press Releases"

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Summary: XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd receives two heavily-coveted top industry awards.

At a prestigous awards ceremony held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon near Coventry, XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd received two heavily-coveted top industry awards.

The event, which was hosted by Network & Leaseplan, the biggest contract-hire and leasing organisation in the world, was attended by all our competitors along with many senior industry figures including the head of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association, who all saw XLCR awarded for being an achiever of excellence and for its commitment to first-class customer service and competitive pricing, showing recognition of XLCR's primary objective, which is to be the best value-for-money contract-hire & leasing company in the UK.

Network Platinum Partner 2007Speaking after the awards were presented, our Chief Executive, Lee Duerden, commented that it was a proud day and that "none of what XLCR has achieved would be possible without the commitment and hard work of every member of its team, who all know and recognise that the most important person in our business is our customer." About XLCR customers, he added that "their support and loyalty has firmly established our future and we owe them our thanks for driving us on to achieve these awards."

Team celebrates 25 years

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Posted by: lee.duerden@thebestcardeals.co.uk, on 01 December 2008, in category "Company News & Press Releases"

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Summary: December 2005 saw Network Vehicles, the SME-specialist vehicle finance division of Leaseplan, the biggest contract-hire & leasing company in the world, celebrate 25 years in the contract hire & leasing business. The XLCR team were invited to the party!

XLCR team celebrate 25 years with NetworkDecember 2005 saw Network Vehicles, the SME-specialist vehicle finance division of Leaseplan, the biggest contract-hire & leasing company in the world, celebrate 25 years in the contract hire & leasing business.

As recently-appointed "Platinum Partners" with Network, XLCR graciously accepted the invitation to attend and the black-tie event doubled as a charity fundraiser to support BEN, the motor industry and allied trades benevolent fund.

Speaking after the event, XLCR Chief Executive, Lee Duerden, said, "raising thousands for such a worthwhile cause and celebrating such a landmark in the industry makes XLCR directors and staff very proud to attend and participate in such a splendid event."

Network Platinum PartnerXLCR's relationship with Network is relatively new, yet in that time XLCR have been awarded one of Network's highly-coveted awards, and are one of Network's elite Platinum Partners, which clearly demonstrates XLCR's significant role in the contract-hire & leasing industry and identifies XLCR's commitment to operate fairly, loyally and serve its customers well, some of the values that Network holds dear.

The event was also attended by the BVRLA, many major manufacturers, industry figures and other partners and colleagues.

XLCR has MINI Adventure!

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Posted by: lee.duerden@thebestcardeals.co.uk, on 21 October 2007, in category "Company News & Press Releases"

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Summary: Adorning the centre of the XLCR Vehicle Management reception is a 1969 Mini converted as a table centre piece, but where did we get the idea from, how did it get there and will it ever come out?

MiniWhen the directors of XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd purchased 35 - 43 Albert Road, Colne as the new home for the business in 2003 they dreamt of creating a statement that would get people talking and that would establish the company's identity for all to see.  Despite operating nationally, the company was surprisingly unknown in its own local area and something was needed to promote the XLCR brand.

Many ideas were suggested, debated & rejected.  The decision was complicated by planning issues as the magnificent georgian offices and former royal building was protected by conservation rights and so ultimately it was decided that the statement would have to be inside the building and was deservedly given pride of place in the company's main reception.

Then the daring suggestion came.  What about putting a car in there?  Our very own "ship in a bottle," which for anyone who has visited our offices and already knows, is exactly what we have done.mini in reception

The idea came from Channel 4's television programme Grand Designs, where one of the inspiring and innovative property developers decided to create a desk from the carcus of an old mini and so the idea was formed.  After much searching we located the creator of the "TV MINI desk," and commissioned him to build another in our corporate orange colour with a white desk top and although reluctantly he eventually agreed and the project was underway.

Then came the real dilema, which was how we would get it inside the building.  Amazingly this hadn't even been considered when the project was commissioned and so a solution was needed quickly.  On the ground floor there was no door or window large enough to "drive" it in and although it could enter the building on the lower ground floor from the rear, there was no way of getting it up the two flights of stairs to place it in our new reception.  Many ideas were toyed with including the creation or widening of windows which were again plagued by planning problems and so at one point the only solution would have been to knock a hole big enough in our side wall, roll it in and then brick it up again after!

Finally our main contractor came up with a suggestion which meant bringing the Mini in on its side through a door just big enough, down a small flight of stairs, demolishing two large walls internally and then into our reception.  With very little choice this idea was adopted but although the Mini was stripped of its interior it still housed its engine which was needed to weight down the front.

Using a team of ten men, eight mattresses and some makeshift timber shoulder high handles we gave it a go and after two hours our little orange mini was eventually turned back on to its wheels after eventually reaching its final resting place at the heart of our building.  To our horror the front offside wing and door had been badly damaged during the move and although we'd now made it in we needed body shop equipment to repair it.  A mobile paint repair specialist was contracted and the damage repaired and all of the Mini's chrome re-added.view from office

Finally after months of planning and hard graft, with walls rebuilt back into place, our building was opened with our bright orange bold MINI statement in situ as the centrepiece it was intended and despite all of the cost and heartache it had caused it was all worth it.  Today it is marvelled by everyone that visits our offices and because of local press, many pop in just to have a look.  If you're passing you should feel free to do the same.  You are sure of a warm welcome.

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